Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Behind the Design ... Philippa Green

Philippa Green is the very talented designer behind our most delicious perspex cuffs...
Q:If you could have one question answered what would it be?
A:Why are humans sooooo complicated why are we not more like dogs....I want to be just like my dog!! Sleep eat walk sleep eat eat eat walk.

Q:Would you stop eating frog’s legs if I asked you to?
A:You wouldn’t have to ask me I would never eat the leg of a frog...sis

Q:Which cartoon character do you most identify with?
A:Marge Simpson or maybe Homer's dog

Q:What tune do you whistle when you’re making tea?
A:Some weird Kundulini yoga tune I have drummed in to my head from chanting it over and over and over!

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