Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cut and paste

Make your own super cool hanging lamp

Italian designer Diana of Sämyii has created this great craft project for making your own hanging lamp.

What you will need:
Acrylic sheets (30 sheets, size depends on you)
A cord light kit (available at your local B&Q)

Step 1
Save the template to your computer. If you would like a bigger lamp, resize the image in a photo editing program. Print and cut out template.

Step 2
Using your template, cut 30 shapes out of the acrylic sheets.

Step 3
Start to assemble the pieces: the shapes have two pairs of matching corners, opposite diagonally (marked by the asterisks and arrows in the image). Fit together matching corners of the pieces, slowly “knotting” them together. There will be two different knots: the asterisk corners need 5 pieces to form the knot, and the arrow corners need 3 sheets to form the knot.

Step 4
Continue to assemble until you create a star, then fit in the remaining pieces in the same way.

Step 5
Continue until you create a sphere. Before completing the sphere, be sure to insert the light bulb end of the cord kit into the sphere.

Via Craftershock

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